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Work more efficiently thanks to a no-nonsense approach


Work more efficiently thanks to a no-nonsense approach?

Structured and creative thinking

Visual thinking and modeling the context and the work to be performed is the foundation of the collaboration within the project team. We name all elements and give them a meaning. When that is clear and has a function in the context, every team member understands the whole. By means of visual anchors for behavior, progress is made quickly and efficiently in the development process.


  • Visualizing the goal and the (intermediate) outcome
  • Giving meaning to all elements in the process
  • Anchoring the work approach (visual management)

Defining a framework

We set the limits of the project and continually test the development against that framework. We question the process, look at it critically and adjust where necessary. In this way a common image is created that every team member understands. The continuous flow of ideas and information is thus given the right place.


As an experienced project manager, I contribute to the realization of projects and the implementation of a dynamic collaboration structure for individuals, teams and organizations. We facilitate projects with visual anchors (visual presentation of conversations, concepts, situations, making frameworks for visual management). Each team member is encouraged to actively participate. There is appreciation for every contribution.


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